Redmi Note 3 - 1st steps help

Hey folks,
I just got a 2nd Hand Redmi Note 3 and have a few questions on how to prepare for install.
Seems i chose one of the more complicated Brands to get running. alot of prior steps even before the install!

I created a redmi account with e-mail and have a user ID which now has bound the phone to that Mi user ID, but the forum app>>all those settings i.e downloads wont let me access those parts of the site, Perhaps because i disabled Mi apps from accessing my phone gps or somesuchhaving not granting it access… Also i havent put a sim card into the phone yet, just all wifi

I went to the xiaomi website link to get approval for unock,seems that part got easier as it took me straight to the download for miflash_unlock-en-3.5.719.27 which i saved to PC.

The e foundation install instructions page says " It is highly recommended to have the latest official MIUI dev package installed on the device, before proceeding with unlock" as the step before says i would need to goto " Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock status"

I have the latest version currently of migui Version: V10.2.1, but not the dev version.

Firsty should i download the DEV rom to pc? if so how to install it from pc? or should i be using the andorid app redmi forums>>downloads section to download and install? ( i do not know if its avaialble thru the phone as it wont let me access those parts) if i am supposed to grant acces to Mi for everything is the devrom available to download through the phone? and whats involved in installing the dev app through the phone.

The dev app is here thu PC web browser

Do i actually need this dev rom, or is there a way to get developer menu up in 10.2.1

Thxs for any assistance.

Hi !
I installed /e/ on Mi Mix 2 (chiron) without dev ROM, just the regular v10.
Also, you can check the lineageos link at bottom of /e/ onstructions page.

Thxs, i was able to activate developer menu by going to
About Phone>> then tapping MIUI version 4-5 times gave a message “you are now developer” :slight_smile:

Xiaomi provides a USB driver specifically for each phone i found it, which will come in handy (from their website) + also got the MiSuite software which i can use to do a backup of my phone before i proceed.

The developer menu is tucked away on the settings screen under additional setting. There i found to enable USB debugging. From there I found Mi Unlock Status which kindly explains the phone is locked and to use their unlock tool Seems i havent bound my phone yet, i`ll try that at some point.

My next question is about the Unlock tool, I have the Unlock tool from the Xiaomi website, their instructions say to put the sim card in, turn off wifi and turn on data usage,

Is rooting your phone is the same thing as unlocking or they are different. I have downloaded a free program called Dr root made by wondershare i wont use it yet… (i got that cause a free battery manager i got from f-droid depository says their battery Optimizer app wont work till the phone is rooted)so this bring me back to rooting, it sounds like unlocking!! tho i am learning …are they the same thing?

I am pleased to say i now have /e/ OS installed on my phone, and i`ll tell you how to do it without the headaches, i.e without adb no need for platform tools, I tried following to regular setup instructions from the kenzo install page and all i got was headeaches, errors and hassle.

Here`s how i did it!
After looking at a few youtube instruction vids, i decided to go for this one

Basically he bypasses the bootlock i`m not sure if it gets unlocked or not but doesnt matter, as the process installs TWRP (what you really need) is installed which now enables you to install a new OS!

He speaks quite fast, to gain confidence i recommend you watch it about 3-4 times, then if u need to pause it at key moments, you can so…

He provided links to the tools you need in the description, which is miflashtool and TWRP, i recommend the ones he provides as i think they been modified to get around permissions.

After you do it, when u look at your miphone status it will still say locked, however it doesnt matter! you can proceed to the next steps!

You will need a microSD micro card, this is for 2 reasons 1. for safety you can backup your current operating system should it go wrong and restore it, and 2. you put the .“” file (or newer) onto the microSD card.

Probably best to format the microSD card with android .I downloaded the zip file on my android then moved it ito the microSD card with the android file explorer.

Then i started the TWRP recovery console and did a backup old OS (in case there is issues), choose SD stroage and create a backup (was about 6gb)

Now you have a backup!

the only steps i actually followed from the /e/ install guide was

  1. Tap the Backup button to create a backup. Make sure the backup is created in the external sdcard or copy it onto your computer as the internal storage will be formatted.
  2. Go back to return to main menu, then tap Wipe.
  3. Now tap Format Data and continue with the formatting process. This will remove encryption as well as delete all files stored on the internal storage.
  4. Return to the previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe.
  5. Select the Cache and System partitions to be wiped and then Swipe to Wipe. *a Lineage OS guide suggested i also wipe Dalvik Cache, however i didnt do it as the /e/ instruction didnt say about it so left it.

After that

Choose “Install” from main menu.

Choose “Storage”.

choose internal storage and select the /e/ (latest version) that you copied earleir to SD micro card

i chose to tick reboot OS when done

and now swipe right to begin!

It takes awhile to install maybe about 10 mins tho i didnt time it, its nailbiting, you`ll see a bunch of text saying its installing then it will reset and have a blanks screen for while, the mi logo appears, the /e/ logo which will hang for ages but dont worry, it will start, and voila, a bunch of setting to configure for your new google free OS!

Mines working fine, hope it goes good for you, too! i think alot more easier than what the /e/ instructions say!

Sorry for hijacking the thread. Just want to know if the builds for Redmi Note 3 still receive monthly security patch updates or not? Also last build was from June. Will it still be updated? Thanks.