Redmi Note 5 and /e/OS?

Hi there,
There’s only /e/OS for Whyred redmi Note 5 pro.
I’ve got the Redmi Note 5 (CPU = SDM636).

Is there someone here who succeed installing /e/OS on this model ? Did you follow the very same method Whyred Instal ?

Thansk for your experience back.
Best wishes.

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I did it since Redmi Note 5 pro and my Redmi Note 5 have the same CPU = SDM636.
I installed and everything is OK !

So my Redmi Note 5 is under /e/OS and it’s good !!!

Great news! Now that you found it worked, you could try to install Download 1.85 (APK) | AIDA64 to see if your devicecode is indeed whyred. Your note of the device code for Redmi Note 5 might be useful for others!

Yes indeed, my Redmi Note 5 is “Whyred” (info thanks to “AIDA64”).