Redmi Note 5A - supported for /e/ installation?

Is Redmi Note 5A model supported?

I can see that Redmi Note 5 Pro is but I’m unsure if my Redmi Note 5A can have the /e/ installed?

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No, unfortunately not.

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Hello, I would also like Redmi Note 5A (Prime) to be supported, please! Especially if Redmi Note 5 Pro is already supported.

Hello people ! I hope someone will make this device compatible.

Can we expect e/os for the redmi note 5a prime (ugg)?

The most recent unofficial LineageOS ROM for this device is 14.1 Nougat, last updated in July 2018, and seems to have been abandoned by its devloper - see here

So I think the answer to your question in “No”

Thanks for the response, what about this: Telegram: Contact @mi_msm8937. Currently at LOS 18.1, and this is for the redmi note 5a prime?

Sorry but I know nothing about that ROM, or the developers who make and maintain it. I am used to discovering ROMs and maintainers on the XDA Forums. This is the first instance I have come across of an unofficial LineageOS ROM, that isn’t publicised and maintained there.

I would be very reluctant to download a ROM (or anything else) from a random, anonymous Telegram channel. The channel appears to be run by something / somebody called Mi MSM8937 Project, and there are source repos at Mi MSM8937 · GitHub and Mi Thorium (MSM8937 & SDM439) · GitHub so the ROM may be OK. However, the organization behind those repos are anonymous. The Github overviews for both say

This organization has no public members. You must be a member to see who’s a part of this organization.

It may be possible to make a build of /e/OS from those repos, but you would need to find a developer who is motivated to do it (and who is happy working with completely anonymous developers).

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response