Redmi Note 7 - lavender dont want unlock


I have a trouble for the instalation of e on my redminote7.

I follow the instructions, and your advices but is stuck for now on Xiaomi unlocking.

The windows program don’t reconize my phone when i’m in bootloader mode.

I send you some screenshot, maby it’s better. Like I a new user I send other pictures on follow.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thank a lot.


At a quick look, the significant thing I see is that your Mi Unlock status says “This device is locked”. To what extent have you followed this? I see you already added / associated your Mi Account.

PS in one image I see on your PC (Windows or Linux?) an empty list, 1-14, and an Unlock F6 button. What was the result of pressing that button?

It’s a windows 10 computer and nothing happen when I press Unlock, that why I wrote here.

OK … my first question was

To what extent have you followed this > https// ?


Yes I use this Xiaomi page.


The time consuming process is something like

Register > associate phone > apply to unlock > ok, “wait some time” > time goes by > ok, “you are free to unlock it” > Connect the phone > a token is exchanged > you do something > the device is unlocked.

I do not remember the exact words or steps, they are very precise, do you think you did all those steps or where in the process are you?

Yes correct. I do the same process.

Unless, I use another phone on e one the manipulation for association is done I shut the phone for use my sim in another phone… It’s a problem ?

I think that might be a problem!

I believe you are required to put the SIM in the phone, register, use the phone “normally” for all of the duration of the process. I read that the SIM should not be used in another phone.

To protect myself from that I got a “demonstrator” SIM from a supermarket for the job!

Ok, great !

I try this soon as I can, monday sure. Maby it’s better to try with another SIM card, I dont want to use Android, after two years with e it’s two hard :slight_smile:

Thank man. If i read correctly I have to wait 360 hours (15 days) ?

I keep you in touch

Have a nice week end.

In your Mi account it will tell you clearly if the countdown has started. If you see that, you will know the answer !

If you do not see that, perhaps the countdown has not started !

If you plan to change SIM, this is what I would do. Start a NEW Mi account, put an avatar on it so that you do not get in muddle. Go back to your first account, delete the device from it; check it got deleted; delete the account.

On your device install the new SIM; register it with your new account; and start all over again.

You’re in France, right ?
When I had to unlock my Xiaomies, I bought a pre-paid card from Carte prépayée : votre SIM dès 5€ sans abonnement | Bouygues Telecom (I choosed the 5€/1 month). Without recharging, the number is available for 1 year, useful for testings :wink:

Ok, I follow your advices guys.

I’m french but I live in Belgium, I think I take Lyca mobile SIM. Thank :wink:

I keep you posted.

Hi guy,

Sorry for the delay.

It’s working now. It’s strange, I buy a prepaid card, I think I have to wait 15 days but I do the manipulation with the Mi account and it’s unlock right away… strange but cool.

Thank a lot again and have a nice week end.

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