Redmi note 8 2021

I am new to the /e/ forum. I would like to install /e/ on my phone, it is Redmi note 8 2021. I see that /e/ is available for Redmi note 8 but I don’t know if I can use this version on mi Redmi note 8 2021 (the new version).
Also can you tell me if this message is in its place?
Thanks to all

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Hi @xonemo welcome to the /e/ forum. In your position the first thing you want to know is the device codename. As a first step please use this [HOWTO] Find device codename.

Meanwhile I did an internet search for Custom ROM + Redmi Note 8 2021. This suggests to me that the 2021 Note 8 is indeed different from previous versions.

My first guess is that your device is the “biloba”. Perhaps you could confirm this?

Thank you for your feedback.
I went to this page [HOWTO] Find device codename but I don’t understand what I have to do to install it. I have downloaded the SDK package but I don’t know what to do next…
I think my version is Biloba.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @xonemo,
Je suis désolé que ma suggestion ait été trop difficile à utiliser :slight_smile:. Ma propre recherche ci-dessus suggère que vous avez “biloba”.

On ne doit flasher une ROM que sur un appareil ayant le nom de code exact pour lequel la ROM est destinée. (C’est la raison pour laquelle on exige la certitude.) Donc, à première vue, votre téléphone est encore trop récent pour que /e/ soit bientôt disponible !

Je vous suggère de continuer à regarder les fils de discussion sous le “Heading” du forum XDA ci-dessus. Par exemple, voici un post mis à jour hier Question - i wanna know what'S the difference between ginkgo and biloba | XDA Forums.

Modifier. L’application AIDA64 est peut-être un outil plus facile pour trouver le nom de code du dispositif. Bonne chance.

I am sorry my suggestion was too difficult to use. My own search above does suggest you have “biloba”.

One must only flash a ROM on a device with the exact codename that the ROM is for. (That is the reason for requiring certainty.) So at first sight your phone is still too new for /e/ to be available soon!

I suggest you could continue to watch for threads under XDA Forum “Heading” above. For instance this is a post updated yesterday Question - i wanna know what'S the difference between ginkgo and biloba | XDA Forums.

Edit. The app AIDA64 can be an easier tool to find the device codename,