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Is there a way to redownload the APKs of the stock e/os apps. I deleted the SMS app, but I found the other SMS app is sometimes a little “late”, so I want to go back to the stock one. Is there a place I can download it again?

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Hello @soennchen, not sure how you managed to delete the stock sms app, it is not possible. At least not using UI. With adb you can disable it or maybe even further delete but there is work behind it.

Please check when going to ‘Settings-> Apps and Notifications’ if you can find messages app

If you used ADB to uninstall/ disable the App, you can use ADB again to bring it back.
See this post and following ones, the reverse commands are given there, too … Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

The package name of the SMS App is foundation.e.message .

Alternatively you can install QKSMS, the /e/OS App is a fork of it.

This is kind of embarrasing … I removed it from the Home screen - and did not find it in my all apps, because I was looking for “SMS …” and I found it in “Nachrichten” … sorry.

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