Refund status for Samsung S9's?

I purchased two Samsung S9’s last year (from the /e/ store with /e/ preloaded), and like others, I am now having to move to another phone due to VoLTE not working.

According to the link below, I understand some customers in this same situation have asked for and received full refunds for their S9’s.

I submitted my phone information for a refund for both my S9’s to a few days ago and have yet to receive any response.

I would appreciate if someone could update me on the status of my request.

Ps. Special thanks to @impaul and @Ebs for their efforts on this.

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Hi @jc6 ,
Have forwarded your response to the team. I see the query from the team in the mail you sent. Will have someone from the team reply to your mail today during EU office hours.


Thank you Manoj, I greatly appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

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Hi @jc6 pl can you recheck if you send the details to the team on the ID. The team mentions they are awaiting a response and will contact you again for the details. I checked the thread and the last mail is the one from the support team asking to send some details. You can respond on the same thread. Also check if you used a different email ID to send your reply.

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Thank you, I am not sure which thread you are referring to, but I will resend the original email to

Also, I had used the email ID that was used to purchase the phones, but that was not my ID.

I used the ID this time.

Hi Manoj, I found there was a problem with the first email ID, the ISP was not letting emails go through. My apologies to you and the team.

I received the form for information re: the phones on the ID, and have completed the form and returned it.

Thank you and the team for your help, and again my apologies.

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Thanks for sending in the details. Can see your email on the support channel. The team will get back to you ASAP. With the weekend having started there might be a slight delay in the response but be assured the team will respond.


Quick update, I received the shipping label and returned the phones, which were delivered to /e/ on June 7.

Will update again when I learn more

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Just got the refund response, have to say I’m disappointed.

I paid $379.99 each for 2 phones plus $33.33 shipping for a total of $793.31, and I was only refunded $300 leaving me a $493.31 loss. Ouch. :frowning:

The reasons given were that one phone was in mint condition but the battery was a little low, the other phone had a small scratch on the back (had this when I got it, but apparently wasn’t enough of an issue to warrant a reduction in sale price) and the back was supposed curved which I never saw.

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Yeah, that’s the kind of rationale that sounds like a punishment. Hate to hear disappointment, but disappointment is totally valid


Yeah, punishment or a forced donation.

I’m sure those phones were quickly re-sold, as the site pretty much always show them as “out-of-stock”.

It would have been great to get a full refund like some did, but since I had the phones for a while I accepted the idea that I would probably be offered less, just not that much less.

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