Register now for your first smartphone with /e/!



Register now for your first smartphone with /e/!

We are partnering with professional smartphone refurbishers to provide you the first smartphones with /e/, at a great price!

We will start with two devices:
– Samsung Galaxy S7 – Grade A (Estimated price: below 280€)
– Samsung Galaxy S9 – Grade A (Estimated price: below 500€)

Register NOW and be among the first to get your phone with /e/!
Deliveries to start early June

Don’t wait, quantities will be limited!

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Woo-hoo! I registered for an S7 Edge.

I realize this ‘refurbished/preloaded-with-e’ program is brand new, so I’ll try to be patient. That said, a few questions:

  1. Announcement estimates ‘first deliveries start in early June’. Any guesses how accurate that is? I’ve already registered … when will I be holding my new (ahem) ePhone?
  2. Newsletter says 2 phones - S7 & S9. Registration page has 4 phones - S7 & S9 plus the ‘Edge’ versions. Will the Edge versions be available as soon as the others?
  3. Specs on the phones are pretty limited so far. Could we get a link to phone details page - not just pointing to Samsung product page … but what is under the hood of these actual phones? Exynos vs Qualcomm CPUs? Network optimized for EU or US? Colors? etc.

Bonus: We should absolutely start calling these things ‘ePhones’ … provided that won’t incite any Apple lawsuits.



Hi @rainbird,
Let me respond to the queries one by one

We are confident the timeline will be met.

All the phones in the list will have the same delivery time

We will add more product details.


Thank you, @Manoj.


Very interesting and nice that you got such a robust selection from the start. Would you by any chance consider other brands down the road if this turns out to be popular? I would love a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Mi 9 or a Mi MIX 5G with /e/.

Xiaomi has some of the cheapest phones with really nice specs and high build quality. Cleansing the phones og all things Xiaomi and Google would make them very attractive… I would splurge instantly, even though i have an iPhone X and a Mi A2.


Hi @StigtriX if this turns out to be popular we would definitely be adding more devices to the list.


I too registered for an S7 Edge- can’t wait to de-google!

Will the phones be the “global” versions, i.e. as in the case of the S7 Edge, the SM-G935F (or SM-G935FD - dual-SIM model)?

References: and!/spec



Hi @Manoj, that’s great so see. Thanks for the info. Maybe you could indicate on this webpage from where the phones are likely to be shipped. From within Europe that’s probably less of an issues, but for others there might be a customs issue coming up.

pinned globally #9


Hi @ralxx for now the focus will be on EU. Our vendor is based out of there. We are looking for vendors in other markets across the world.
In case /e/ users are aware of good smartphone refurbishers in other locations - vendors who can provide a steady stream of quality phones, provide good after sales service then you can pass on the details to us. We have done a fair amount of checking but would welcome all the help we can get. We will help them understanding how to flash /e/ and provide tools to them.


Cool. That’s what I thought. My suggestion was simply to include that information on the website where you invite people to register their interest in a phone: like: “In a first step phones will be shipped out of Europe, but residents from regions are still welcome to express their interest as negotiations with refurbishers from other regions are on their way.”
Have a nice weekend.


Maybe these guys in Antwerp, Belgium?

They are very friendly and helpful the times I’ve been in the store.


I like this idea. It is something I would potentially be interested in, if/when my current phone dies, so thought I’d add my 2 cents. I’d be more likely to use this service if there were more phones on offer. None of the available handsets appeal to me, especially as someone who prefers a smaller phone.