Regression with personnalisation in FP3

Hi all,

I recently wanted the change the style color on my screen, as I did when received my FP3 one year ago. But now, the only color provided is blue, where before I was able to select more option. My previous style is still saved (mine is now green) but I wouldn’t be able to make it now if not done previously.

Does anybody has the same problem or know if something as been reported about it?

You will find this setting following : Parameter - Screen - Styles and wallpapers.


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More precisely, if anybody wants to have a look … Settings - Display - Styles and wallpapers - Custom 1 (to start creating a custom style) - (Choose font) Next - (Choose icons) Next - Choose colour … only blue available, no UI element to choose something else there.


It is the same with me.
No choice except blue.

@Manoj did you or the developpers heard about it already ? Did anyone raise the regression in GitLab ir shall I do it ? I looks to affect both stable (mine) and dev (AnotherElk).

Let me check…looks like a regression

Just checked, it seems this issue is coming as the feature was removed due to some issues with existing apps. Check the details in this bug

Suggest you add your comments to this issue on GitLab, and we can discuss the need to have this feature there.

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Thanks @Manoj for checking out :+1:. Will report it on GitLab the issue and hope others who might want this feature ti report it there as well

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Just checking in to see if there’s been any update on this or if we’re still stuck with blue as our only color choice.

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