Regular error message

Hi all,

I often get this error message :
“Échec de synchronisation: Erreur d’E/S handshake failed”

Do you know where it’s coming from ?



Can we have more precisions on when and where this issue occurs ? A screenshot ?

Hello !
Sorry I was waiting for it to happen again.

So it happened twice recently while I was using my browser (qwant). But I supposed it could happend somewhere else…
It appears at the bottom of my screen.
Not sure it can be usefull, but just a copy of the second part of the message (I didn’t have time to screenshot the first part which is ““Échec de synchronisation: Erreur d’E/S”) ! Capture2|279x59

There was no maintenance recently on ecloud and nobody else reported this issue.

I don’t use synchronisation so it’s complicated fo me to help, try to remove and add again your account.
Also Eject and re-plug your SD card (if you have one).

If the issue persists, you can raise it in the gitlab (with a link to this topic and some logs).

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