Reinsalling Mail app to get it to register with microG

Is there a way to reinstall the preinstalled Mail app? I think it’s not registered with microG because apps seem to register with the Cloud Messaging service when they’re installed. I had the issue of this app not checking mail until I open it.

In a related not, Proton Mail does not seem to get any push notifications even though microG Cloud Messaging is working now and it is registered with it.
Does anybody have a hint on how to fix that?

Is your IMAP server able to send push notifications? (some are not)

Is your Mail app configured to have “background synchronization” on? It’s in the app settings in the common options under Network. This damned switch must be active, otherwise the app does generally not cause any configured IMAP server(s) to send push notifications, instead the server(s) must be polled manually.

Are your mail accounts configured to use push notifications?

Is your configured push interval compatible with the interval the IMAP server needs? (The IMAP client must send a short notification to the IMAP server using an interval, every some ten minutes, so the server can see the client is still alive and wants push notifications. If this interval is configured too long the server thinks the client died and terminates sending push notifications.)

Thanks for the hint. Setting the update interval back to automatic in microG settings seems to have done the trick.

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