Reinstall Tasks app

Because I had problems with DAVx5 and the tasks app I tried to uninstall the default task app and install OpenTasks. For some reason it still says that there is a conflicting packets when I try to install OpenTasks-

How to reinstall the default tasks app or OpenTasks?

Command used:

adb shell pm uninstall org.dmfs.tasks

I think the issue is, that tasks app is hardlinked to AccountManager. The accountmanager (where you add your new accounts) is stop working without tasks :frowning:

So, as long as this hardlink exist, you won’t have any chance to get it removed and I fer, when removing, you will run into a bootloop


Okay thanks! I see it wasn’t too intelligent. So any chance to get the APK for the tasks app? There are no releases in the repository.

the easiest way is:

  1. push on your device
  2. wipe /system, davlik and cache with TWRP (NOT data)
  3. flash

and all apps should be available again

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Okay, I will try that. Thanks!


Just a question, if I do that and wipe /system, will it impact my other apps installed via f-droid or Aurora ?
or my configuration done on openKeychain for example ?

Best regards

For the most part, no. Items you install and their settings is in /data and/or /sdcard.

Great, I’ll give it a try tonight and give a feed back

Thanks for the reply