Relationship between address and address?

I have an email address from a previous device setup. I am asked to create an on install of new system on new phone via the Easy Installer. Here it says that is an alias to There is no email address in my email setup. I am not able to create an with the same user part as my address in Easy Installer and I’m not able to use my address as a confirmation address for a new address in the Easy Installer.

What is the relationship between an address and address and do I need an address?


I think it is like this but I could be wrong. This part is correct for sure: I have address if I sent an message to with my username I get the message that is my username is both and so they are interchangeable.

What I think happens with a new account is they are all created as: So if you make a new email after a given date it is I don’t think those addresses will work with but I am not 100% sure about that point.

You can refer this guide to understand more about the murena email IDs. To summarize, when we started way back in 2018 we started with After adopting the brand name Murena we created the murena ID. I still use my ID. You only need one of these IDs not both.

Thanks @Jets and @Manoj - all good; I’ll stop my worries :slight_smile: