Released a privacy-focused analytics platform

Hi /e/,

I’ve recently launched, a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative. I would love to hear from you guys if this is useful for you in any way, or if trying to make analytics into something more private is even a problem worth solving. We’ve made Insights with two main goals in mind:

  1. Privacy is not optional for us. Other solutions have privacy built-in, but most of the privacy features can be disabled by the website owner. This makes me at least uneasy when I see them being used since I don’t know how much I’m being tracked. We want to allow customizable page views and event tracking, but not allow customization of how that tracking is done.

  2. A full analytics suit. We want to give our users most of the statistics they are used to, aggregated and anonymized. Most smaller privacy-focused solutions out there only track a few statistics. This makes sense, but it still means those tools won’t grant the same benefit to the user as GA or Hotjar. This sort of trade-off between privacy and competitiveness is problematic because respecting privacy shouldn’t have to come off as a sacrifice.

Feel free to reach out here or on the chat if you have any questions or issues!



Nice work @hspotorno !!