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My phone is about to end his life: only the upper volume button still works. I wanted to know is there a way to make my only working button the power button?

Otherwise, I guess that if my battery runs out, I’ll have to turn on my phone with ADB?

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Using Moto G4 plus with /e/OS 0.17-20210531117698

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what android version ?

if “n”, “o”, “p”, open the settings → developper options and activate “advanced power menu”

if “q” or “r”, go to settings → system → advanced → gesture, and activate the “advanced power menu”

Hi !

Please see here and here.
Unless your device has specific hardware keys, your file will probably be the Generic.kl.

Example for key editing : [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (perseus) - #12 by smu44

There may be some kind of app to achieve the same purpose, but it may require rooting your device …

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May I just tell the story here that I once thought I was loosing my five year old Samsung to failing buttons.

Before binning it I took it out of its case to check the physical action. Looked OK. But I was glad that I rubbed all around buttons and case apertures with the smallest trace of silicon grease on my fingertips. I continued for quite a long time with no extra silicon, I was looking for molecular levels of silicon in the switch slots. Phone has been fine since!

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Thank you everyone for the help :slight_smile:

I will try these and see if they work!