Reminder Functionality

Would it be possible, as an offline feature in Calendar of Mail, to do a functionality that mirrors FollowUpThen, i.e. sending myself a reminder at a particular time, like “in one day” or “friday morning”?

Reminders suck. You get them always in a bad situation and then they are over, clicked away, and you still forget it.

I found the best way is to have an always open widget with an ordered dynamic list of upcoming events. Doesn’t mind if an event will be today, tomorrow or in three weeks, you see it whenever you look at this widget. (OK, you should do this from time to time …) I have this full size on my left most screen.

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Also for me is the best way: me too, I have this full screen widget in the home of the launcher…

“you should do this from time to time …”

Still some times don’t look at :worried:

If I need to call the doctor on monday at 9, then I need a reminder on monday at 9. A list that reminds me all weekend is no use. It’s not supposed to be a to-do list.

@Taylor, why not to use calendar or tasks with notifications ?

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I am curious which app / widget you use for that. Maybe you are willing to share? Personally I use the app Notable (F-Droid) which gives me my ‘to do’ in the top bar (both as notification per open tasks as when you drag down you’ll see the content)

First, I don’t use the stock calendar app, I installed Simple Calendar Pro (from F-Droid, especially because of it’s birthday and very good local holidays features).

This app, Simple Calendar Pro, has three different widgets (the stock app has only one).

One of these widgets is called “Terminliste” in German which just means “list of events” or “agenda” - a dynamic, vertical oriented list of events in the future, the next upcoming event is always on top. This list is updated automatically once per day at midnight, I think.

F-Droid shows the following screenshot of that widget:


The color bar on the left side of the events marks different calendars.

You can configure a lot on this widget including colors, font sizes, transparency and more. Scrolling is possible endless into the future but backwards only until today, not into the past. (If you want to see the past you must open the app.)

One big advantage is that this list shows upcoming events regardless of when they are. The top most can be on Monday, if the next event in the calendar is next week on Friday it will also be visible without any gaps, as long as no other events come between.

I have this widget nearly full size on my left most screen.

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why not to use calendar or tasks with notifications ?

Well, an “errant I need to do some time” is not the same as a specific appointment. If I just need to call someone any weekday in a time window (e.g. office hours), I don’t want that to clutter the calendar.
Such a call doesn’t have to happen.