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Hello guys,

I try to learn something about building/customizing android roms. I already managed to build the /e/OS successfully for “twolip”.

I’m struggling with removing “microG Service Core” from the build for example. I found out that maybe:

    GmsCore \

in /srv/e/src/R/vendor/lineage/config/ is implementing microG. If I remove the line and start docker run again, the file gets synced again, so my changes are gone.

What is the correct way to modify preinstalled apks? Where to put them? I put mine into /srv/e/src/R/prebuilts/prebuiltapks/MYAPP along with an, but where do I declare to use this app for the build?

Maybe this is a stupid question for you, but would appreciate your help :)) Thank you
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yes, the docker run is a one-way street and will rudely “repo sync” your changes away. I guess the easiest is to build the docker image yourself, inheriting it with a FROM and replacing just the script script (target is if I remember correctly, check first) and outcomment the sync therein. Importing and then use COPY similar to what is described at Modifying a prebuilt Docker image - #2 by tcecyk

I abandoned the docker method myself, it’s too sequential if you modify/debug and I’d be giving up on make comfort. But it’s damn easy I admit.

For a prebuilt it’s sufficient to just have the beside the apk and name it in either PRODUCT_PACKAGES. For the script, theres a variable you can use - CUSTOM_APPS, see How to Build the /e/OS ROM?

If you enter some search terms, the forum has a bit of content on it.

If you want to build a modified version of the /e/OS ROM, check out this prject in the /e/ gitlab:

The file contains pretty good documentation of how to use it to add, remove or replace built-in apps.

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