Remove microG on E/os


I don’t need to use the google services, so I would like to know if I can remove microG.

one of the solutions found on the forum to no longer have microG is to delete the gmscore apk, right ?

What are the consequences of removing/disabling microG on E/os ? I don’t need google apps nor google services.

I await your comments.


The only way to facilitate /e/OS to microG might be to root to root /e/OS]. If you don’t want to use microG, Lineage OS might be a better choice.

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Some apps would possibly stop working properly because they require Google Play services.


You may start by some reading, and you may find that microG is not Google:

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do you know which apps could stop working properly if microG is disabled ?
I don’t care about Google Play services nor the Google play store. I’m happy with E/os and if microG is used only for some google services or to download apps from the Google play store, I don’t care. F-droid is there if I want to install applications (I don’t need Facebook, instagram, Signal, Telegram, …). That’s why microG is not necessary for me.

@smu44: Some parts of microG is used with Google elements and I don’t want it.


The vast majority of F-Droid apps should work without microG. Push notifications, however, require microG.

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iodéOS would be an idea, perhaps …

“as we offer the way to easily uninstall microG”

Hello prehaps a good route to start with would be to disable micro g and see how you get on.?

Then you can think about removal after a few weeks.

This works for me.

Hope you find a workable solution for you.


@AnotherElk: I prefer to stay on E/os because iodéOS is not 100% open source like E/os.
@thistle-down: Ok, so how can I disable microG ? If I see that microG is really necessary I could enable it again later. The only solution I found on the forum is to remove/move the gmscore apk from /system/priv-app/ folder through twrp (recovery mode). Is there another way ? That’s what I want to know.

There is no need to remove microG. If you don’t need push notifications or anything Google related then turn off Cloud Messaging and “Google device registration”.

microG provides UnifiledNlp which handles the location backends. With microG removed you will be essentially left with GPS only for location.

So, simply put, configure microG for your use case or just use any ROM of your choosing sans GApps or microG.

I’ve setup several ROMs with just a UnifiedNlp package with backends and all is good.
Could be wrong but with the aforementioned Googled items turned off in microG you are essentially left with UnifiedNlp.

Know what you will lose before calling for the removal of something.

EDIT: microG isn’t necessary for the installation of apps. App Lounge and/or Aurora Store handle Play Store apps locallly.

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@marcdw: I don’t want to use google services and others Google stuff (Google play store). That’s why I want to disable all things who refer to Google in E/os. Some parameters settings who refer to microG is grayed, so I can’t desactive them (example :spoofing signature). So, if I disable all parts in microG settings, I’m safe ?

I find a way: microG - how it works - #18 by Aln