Remove my gg account

Well, gg tell me to take one of my two old phones to get a code to remove my account.

One is sold, the other is flashed with /e/.

Am I in a blind alley ?

I’m trying to escape this grotesque situation.
I’ve recovered the sold phone, thanks to the amiable friend who kindly put up with me.

Then I’m in a loop.
Gg asks me to use the trustable phone in order to retrieve a code to dismiss the account.

I can retrieve the code (actually two codes are given) but when I use one or the other gg says that " code is incorrect".

I gave them a mail account I’ve dismissed time ago and it is no longer available.

If I try to change that address I enter again in the very same loop.

As far as I understand, I cannot demonstrate that I’m the owner of the gg account.

And that’s actually correct: they are the owners !!

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