Removing app from top (favorites) bar

I moved Carnet to the top bar intending to use it, but ended up not being able to. Now, I can’t remove as shown in a video in the Help documents. Thanks.

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Can you please send a screenshot of the top bar or the link to the video?

The link


Thank you

I understand multiple ‘not possible’-s:

  • it is not possible to use the Carnet app
  • it is not possible to tap on the /e/ logo and to open the apps’ icon list
  • it is not possible to drag and drop (move around) any icon or only the Carnet icon
    Which part of the statements above are correct and which action is not allowed to you to do, please?

(I learned something new here: I was not aware of this drag and drop feature before. At my session I could move icons all around.)

I mean that I can’t drag the Carnet icon from the bar back into the e menu. I skiing note that Carnet is still in the e menu as well.

Is it only the Carnet icon that is impossible to move? Can you move other icons in front of the Carnet icon and so push the Carnet icon a line below?

I tried to move others and the same result occurred.