Removing notification permissions from App Lounge

First off let me say that I like using /e/os on my FP5. But saying that, my biggest gripe is the constant notifications of App Lounge updates from apps.

I dont want to use the argument of: it’s my device let me do with it what i want, but atleast let us disable notification permissions from apps.

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In the App Lounge settings on the first screen is an option called “Show available updates” (or similar). Switch this off and it says nothing anymore.

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It’s already disabled, but it still gives the notification of number of apps have been updated.

You could check if clearing the cache or even the entire app data in the Settings app brings a positive effect.

Deleting cache and storage hasn’t dont anything.

Still getting notifications even with that setting off.
Its not giving me a notification there is an update, it’s giving me a notification that 2 or more has been updated.

That’s something completely different. In this case you have automatic updates switched on. You can switch this off in the settings of the App Lounge.