Removing unfinished updates from phone

Is there a way to remove the unfinished update downloads from the phone updater?

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I use the app DiskUsage (available on f-droid) to show and delete large trash files. The app runs without root permission in user space.

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You will find the path to the update file in this HOWTO :

You can delete those files in the File manager of TWRP (Advanced > File Manager) (Make sure the Data partition is mounted).

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Thanks! Did it with this!

  1. In the TWRP main menu, click on “Advanced”.
  2. Click on “File Manager”.
  3. Go to data/lineageos_updates.
  4. Click on the update file that you no longer need.
  5. Click on “Delete” and confirm if necessary.

I have installed it :smile:

Well done! You don’t need an extra app for everything. TWRP comes with valuable tools.

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