Rephone - another promising device labeled "Made in Germany" with a replacable battery

I just read an announcement elsewhere but I’d like to share it here.
One of the more well-known MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), MobilCom-Debitel announced its own device, Rephone. They promote it as CO2-neutral manufactured and easy. It seems to have a replaceable battery. which makes it really attractive.
It is distributed by MobilCom-Debitel in Germany, was developped by a company called 4G-Systems and is assembled by Gigaset in Bocholt/Germany.
The Rephone seems to resemble the brand new Gigaset GS4 but with more RAM (and a selling higher price).

Still, it looks like a device where I’d like to see /e/OS on.

Further reading (only in German so far):

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Just found a first review of the Rephone (only in German), what it confirms is the device’s ressemblance to the Gigaset GS5 (and a price tag 30% above the GS5).

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