Replace e Nextcloud with TAB hosted Nextcloud


I have setup and connected my e device using my e cloud account.

Can I replace e cloud’s NextCloud implementation on my device with my NextCloud that I have hosted with



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sure, you can create a new /e/ account in settings/accounts and using your own credentials and server IP. No problem, I’m hosting my own NC and using it in the same way.


Thanks; can I ask if you have removed your nextcloud logon and replaced it with your own or if you are running both on your device?


I’m using only my own, but you can use both. It will also work

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Hey, I just got my Fairphone 3, on which I naturally installed /e/ OS.

Unfortunately, Apps fails to install Nextcloud application.
I tried to add an /e/ account with my own Nextcloud credentials, like you advised, and it is working, BUT I don’t have files synchronization … In my previous phone (/e/ os refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge), I could access my Nextcloud files from Files application (and anything accessing devices).
How can I get this access?

@harvey186 Do you have any clues?

The files sync with a none nextcloud server is only working with the original Nextcloud client from F-droid


On my FP3 I am attempting to fit 100% on /e/ Apps, and avoid installing F-Droid, and Aurora Store :confused: Is it still not possible ?

Every app in F-Droid is in the /e/ Apps installer. I don’t have F-Droid nor Aurora Store.

really, I can’t beleave. I think you are the only eOS user which is only using the e-Apps store.

why what ?? …

It is somehow counter-productive having to multiple installation sources … don’t you think?
For basic usage (we are just speaking about just accessing files on Nextcloud instance), it would be perfect to have everything in the /e/ Apps.

Do you have access to your Nextcloud Files from Files App?