Replaced S9 screen and now boots in TWRP

Happily installed /e/ on Smasung with easy installer, as I have zero technical knowledge. After replacing my broken screen, the phone turned on with a TWRP partition &/ read only message (cannot recall exactly) but the shop tech swiped to allow ‘modification’, I think. Now thrying to research i realise i have no clue. Why is this happening? If there is a way to get back to /e/ please advise, or if I need to restore, how would i go about backing up my data, and then would I need to reinstall with the easy installer?

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Did you already try this from TWRP

Reboot > Reboot system

Reboot is on the main menu of TWRP, if you do not see it press the Back button, till you get to this main menu.

It seems strange, but I can recall a situation like this and it turned out one of the connectors was not put in place during screen replacement procedure.
But this was on a model before your S9, but maybe keep it in mind — after all it has been taken apart entirely.

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