Replacement for Google Photos


I was wondering is, in your knowledge, there is a good replacement for Google Photos but private, as Protonmail (end-to-end encrypted email service) is to Gmail. I haven’t found any encrypted services that can provide a similar service, not even a regular service as good as Google Photos.

I could actually remove my google account, except for Google Photos. I think until I find an serious alternative appears, I would consider their service as best for the moment, considering that they also provide unlimited storage.

Hopefully there is an alternative but I haven’t found it yet. What are your insights on this topic? Thanks in advance!


I am not entirely sure, what features Google Photo offers and what of them you use, but I use my own Nextcloud instance for sharing Pictures and galleries with friends.

I think the most loved features are:
-unlimited space for google-compressed images
-ai features to search example for smiles or cats
-a good tag search possibility, e.g. gps location: Paris
-we love the remember feature. So google show you old picture compilations.
-automatic video compilations of travel day or some similar
-an easy picture sharing method to just show the pictures
-an easy way to collect together pictures of an event

I am search for a similar service with more privacy too…

I don’t care for these features at all so I host my photos on my own private cloud.

If I’d want them, I would use Piwigo (

You can store your photos in their server or in one you own (it can be self hosted).

You can find it in F-Droid ( and Exodus claims it has 0 trackers (


@pablospe : Have you tried Snap?

THX for this tip. It is a nice project but the Android APP really useless in my last test.