Replacement for Live Transcribe app?

I am hard of hearing but can usually get by with my hearing aids or subtitles on videos. Occasionally I need extra help and the Live Transcribe app usually stood in the gap for me. I tried to use it when I needed it tonight and it didn’t work at all. Nor did any of the options in the App Lounge. Can anyone recommend a working app on /e/OS?

Thank you in advance.

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Probably you would need a fully googlefied Android version to get this working. Perhaps a lineageOS installation with at least OpenGapps nano would suffice.

I literally do not know how to use/test Live Transcribe. Installed on crDroid with microG.
It runs. Not knowing what to do I did see it bring up a few items on the main screen. When a text message came in the word “Flute” showed up. Only once out of half a dozen times.
When a video played things like ‘Bird Song’, ‘Music’, or ‘Wind’ appeared. Actually my fan is on so Wind shows regularly.

Went through ringtones and alarms on another phone. Some of them triggered notifications from Live Transcribe such as detection of ‘landline phone ringing’ and ‘Appliance beeping’.

Installed app on Teracube with /e/OS 1.14-r.
A number of things were showing up on the main screen. Whispering, finger snapping, whistling (Bird sounds), coughing.

So it works in some manner but once again I am totally unfamiliar with the app.

Dicio is a working speech-to-text (STT) app for open Androids. It’s geared as Assistant, so the input field is small for transcription. Didn’t succeed yet in enabling it via the mic-symbol input field.

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