Replacement Gigaset Model for GS290

Hi there,
Love my GS290, but recently trouble found me.
The screen got cracked, so I contacted Gigaset to repair/ replace the screen.

Disaster. They no longer have screens for the GS290, so the phone is basically junk now.
They offer a discount on a new phone, given that I bought my current Gigaset only 7 months ago.
(Old stock I guess).

So is there any info regarding a future stable build on another Gigaset phone, like the GS5 or GX4 / GX6?

I will very much let my choice depend on /e/ availabilty. I’m a privacy addict now…

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I’m sorry @manoj, but this is not a gs290 question.

Since /e/ partnered with Gigaset, this is a question which future models will be built stable…
Therefore I posted it in the Gigaset general section.


Hi @Toretto I am checking with the team if we have any plans on porting new Gigaset models. We usually test out a few different devices and only when the results are positive do we publish the details.


+1 on the gx6 here. Very interested in that

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I suppose the gs5 / gs5 lite would have more chance of being built.
Simply because it’s more accessible to a wider public pricewise and in sales numbers.
Also the device has very similar specs to the gs290, so possibly buildable with minor effort.

Either way, I’d love to hear from manoj if they will be partnering up (again) with Gigaset in the future.

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May like for Volla, Gigaset will release GS5 and GX4 for Murena. I think the partnership with Volla is more exclusive, so they they got them earlier.