Replacement Gigaset Model for GS290

Hi @Toretto I am checking with the team if we have any plans on porting new Gigaset models. We usually test out a few different devices and only when the results are positive do we publish the details.


+1 on the gx6 here. Very interested in that

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I suppose the gs5 / gs5 lite would have more chance of being built.
Simply because it’s more accessible to a wider public pricewise and in sales numbers.
Also the device has very similar specs to the gs290, so possibly buildable with minor effort.

Either way, I’d love to hear from manoj if they will be partnering up (again) with Gigaset in the future.

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May like for Volla, Gigaset will release GS5 and GX4 for Murena. I think the partnership with Volla is more exclusive, so they they got them earlier.

any updates on the gs5?

I guess not? Really a shame, I really like my gs290

@Manoj is there an update concerning any new Gigaset builds?

The last R builds are on v1.14 the next builds should be v1.15 and come out mid of this month :crossed_fingers:

@Manoj So the v1.15 will be available for gigaset gs5,incl easy installer?
or just updating the gs290?

It’s even possible to upgrade to version /e/OS ‘S’ (stable) (Android 12) from running with version /e/OS ‘R’ (stable) (Android 11).

Hello, @Manoj
Just checking on the Gigaset release. I checked today but the only thing i see is the gs290

Thanks for the assistance!

Let me check if there are plans for other Gigaset models

Update: There are no new Gigaset models under consideration at present. Users can try out with GSI ROM.

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It would be nice if the GS5 was supported, even as a Murena phone again.
Husband has a GS290 with /e/ that works fine except that it has an echo during calling on the other side (echo cancellation). When he puts his phone on speaker the echo disappears.
The GS5 has some advantages above some other Murena phones: a 3.5 jack and a card slot. The battery is replaceable.
I now have a Murena Pixel 5 which works fine, but I miss a jack and a card slot.

I can pass on the feedback to the team, but not making any promises. Will update in case we are evaluating any new Gigaset models.

It appears as if the gs5 is already out of production. But still available in many stores (amazon…) & on the gigaset webshop.
So I would not think twice about it, @Manoj .If the gs5 becomes bootable via the easy installer I’ll buy several devices…
And enjoy the removable battery and big screen as upgrade from my gs290.

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They need more customers like this.

judging by the specs, I really believe the internals of the gs5 are identical to the GS290, which is supported by /e/ and the easy installer.
If the team wants to implement the GS5, now is the time apparently.
I do hope that Manoj can get this done (and in a short time as my screen is, once again, cracked on my replacement gs290 device)
Please /e/ team, implement the gs5 while we can buy the devices NEW

Well, it seems as if the time to buy any new device is now during blackfriday week. GS5 LITE is €90 right now for anyone interested. No QI charging, 64gb storage)
Any updates on the official build? Or can we DIY the gs290 stable build on a gs5? It needs to be a daily device.

I just found out the GS5 exists in a PRO spec with 6gb ram instead of 4. Which is what I definitely want now…

Unfortunately no updates. Not sure the GSI will work perfectly. GSI at best gives you an option to test out a device. We do not recommend using a GSI as the build on your main device

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