Replacement part for Gigaset model GS290

My smartphone is a Gigaset GS290 purchased in January 2021.
It’s been a while my screen was broke, but it was still working.
This afternoon, I left it on the garden table and it has probably heat up despite the shade.
Indeed, a large dark stain is gradually invading the screen’s surface.

Question: Where can I find a supplier of LCD screens for a Gigaset GS290? I encourage alternative manufacturers, but products must have a minimum of 3 years of spare parts.

Mon smartphone est un Gigaset GS290 acheté en janvier 2021.
Cela fait un certain temps que mon écran était cassé, mais il fonctionnait encore.
Cet après midi, je l’ai laissé sur la table de jardin et il a probablement chauffé malgré l’ombre.
En effet, une grosse tâche sombre envahi peu à peu la surface de l’écran.

Question : Où puis-je trouver un fournisseur d’écran LCD pour un Gigaset GS290 ? J’encourage les fabricants alternatifs, mais il faut que les produits bénéficient d’un minimum de pièces de rechange pendant au moins 3 ans.

Do some research using a search engine and you will find, among other things:

Cordon Electronics
Activité GIGASET 2750 Route de Montpellier
30900 NIMES

Société Française de Garantie S.A.
Impasse Evariste Galois – CS 30001 –
13106 Rousset Cedex

je suis également intéressé. écran cassé suite à une chute

@marcori I had the same problem, Gigaset no longer has parts support for the gs290.
No more screens left. They offered me a discount code, but no other models support /e/

I have a brand new, never used but unboxed GS290 with /e/ installed.
Will ship all over europe if interested

What’s the price € ?

@HiksBoolid Looking for €150. Which is about half of the retail price. Only unboxed to install /e/, bought 2 more since then and this one was never used.
Can provide pictures if wanted in private message.

I Have also a Gigaset GS290 for you with eOS R and updated tot 1.14.
the phone is in good condition and comes with fastcharger and cable.

If you are interested, i can sell it to you for a cheap and friendly price.