Repo mirror setup

I am planning to set up a local machine to make builds, and I intend to use a local mirror for the source.

I will eventually be wanting to make builds of /e/ and LineageOS, and maybe LineageOS for microG. Given that the bulk of the code for these ROMs is the same, can I make do with a single source tree and just use a different repo init ... command to build the different ROMs (i.e. repo init -u -b ... if I want to build LOS or repo init -u -b ...) if I want to buid /e/?

Or do I have to have three separate copies of the source?

Yes, a mix of these repo’s will cause a lot of issue which will start at ‘repo sync --force-sync’

OK Thanks.
I’ll go and make some space on a big USB hard drive :slight_smile:

Ups, USB HD are so, so, so slow :((

The plan is to have the mirrors on the USB drive, which will sync with the network overnight. When I build I’ll work on the laptop’s SSD and sync to the local mirrors. It’s not ideal but I don’t have enough built-in disk space for multiple source trees on the laptop