Request - Draw the company name from contact in call screen from dialer

Hi dear dev’s

Is it possible to add the company name from a contact to call screen?
I have a lot of business contacts and its horrible that i never see the company of the incoming call.
I synchronize all contacts with other devices, for me it’s no workaround to put de company name as sur-/name.


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devs don’t read this user-forum,
they are here :

Oh you misunderstood me.
My contacts are feeded with this information, but this company name value is not on the screen of an incoming call.
My question mean the dialer, not contacts.

I found this topic on google forum:


I have done a usable solution with my own fork of the SimpleMobileTools Simple-Dialer.
The main part of see the callers company is integrated, the Company Tag in the Contact list of the dialer would be nice, may i will integrate it too, if i find time and knowledge.

Feel free to use:
all credits goes to SimpleMobileTools

I’m not a coder and its the first time of use kotlin by myself.


great! looks good, did you have a tutorial to go on or intuition from languages you were more intimate with?

tangential: I wonder if there’d be demand even and what kind of ecosystem it would create, if a major mobile platform would allow for dynamic modification - like an on-device build chain (as non-compiled languages can be an efficiency issue). Users as you could more easily mold the software to their needs

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Changing a few bits & pieces on /e ROMs, is what got me started on building /e on Docker. As far as I can tell Overlays are the only way to make changes and it seems overkill in many ways.
Just to change the accent color to something you like… seems a bit extreme to run your own builds, just for design reasons.

i watched just tutorials about Kotlin and used my knowledge of c++ / Unreal Engine Blueprints with a lot trail and error.