Request for more detailed device table

I’m in the market for a new dual dim phone and just went to the device list on the /e/ website to see which devices are dual sim. However, this info is not there. I remember having the same issue when I was looking for the smallest phone with /e/. So hereby the request to the /e/ team to generate 1 table here, with all /e/ devices in it, and with additional information on the devices (screen size, cpu, memory, dual or single sim etc). Also the request to make it possible to filter and sort the table. This is a really small bit of work, could be done by an intern, and would be a great service to the community!

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Mhm, nice idea. Bit not so easy. Will need a lit if work.
Do you know this side

You can make a cross compare with e devices.

Thanks I know it, just think a table on the /e/ website would save everyone a lot of time

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There is something similar here, but it’s not updated anymore …
Maybe /e/ team could ask @Superman for the source code and add an updated list on /e/ foundation website ?

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The improvement of the documentation is definitely something planned.

I don’t know when it will be out though.


OK so i did a bit of work to create this table. See here. All credits for this go to @Superman , whose table I took as the basis for this.
I propose that we make this file a sort of wiki, where we all collaborate to add data to it and update it! Let me know in a PM if you would like to collaborate on this spreadsheet, then I will share it with you with editing privilidges.
The table basically combines this list with this list. I propose that we all add data to it that we find useful, so we can sort/filter the table based on that info (for me, for example: screen size and dual-sim is important, but for others i assume other things will be important).
@Manoj and the /e/ team: please note there are a few minor bugs in the list that you provided here:

  • devices “a7y17lte” and “jason” are mentioned both in the list of devices that will be dropped and in the list of devices that will be upgraded to pie/q
  • 19 devices that are currently officially supported, are neither mentioned in the list of devices that will be dropped, or in the list of devices that will be upgraded to pie/q
  • 25 devices are listed as “new devices” by @Manoj here. It’s clear why: all these devices are currently not officially supported but are on the roadmap. However, there are also 33 devices in the list of “devices being upgraded to Pie or Q” that are currently not on the list of officially supported devices. It’s not clear to me why these are not reported as “new devices”.
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There are some upgrades proposed to the documentation site . I was not planning on sharing the details here so soon and even before deciding on going live with it.

With so much being discussed here thought I might as well share it here.
Have been working on a screen to be added to the documentation site where users can filter and select the smartphone model

The selection then shows up in the table below

and a knowledge base which is simply a template where we will pick up good questions from the forum or existing FAQ and HOWTO’s and display them all in one page

There is a lot of work still pending on this. Has been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks and guess the next few as well…


Cool @Manoj, that looks simply amazing, both the smartphone selector and the knowledge base! I look forward to seeing both online.

The first cut of an updated Device information screen has been released. A lot of fixes are pending.


brilliant!! I think this is such a useful thing for /e/ - I’m immediately going to use it to find the smallest dual-sim phone on which /e/ is supported

Very nice, thanks @Manoj ! :+1:

There are a few details still hard coded in this screen.
For e.g. the Region where you can get it or the Available via which should show all the options through which it will be available should all be dynamic.
One important feature which I have disabled for now is Stability …It was select box in the second row.
At present as you can see it shows 3 Drop down list. With a lot of space to the right .

Stability will be a way for user to find out how stable a device ROM is on /e/ .It will have color indicator Red - Orange and Green. The data needs to come from Gitlab based on the number of critical issues we have open against each ROM. If only minor issue are open then the device gets a Green icon.

A lot of work still remains and also a host of open bugs on this screen…have enough work for a couple of days at least :slight_smile:

We can slowly add more details like price etc to make this more relevant to users searching for a device or ROM on our site.

really amazing @Manoj, i cannot stress enough how useful i think this will be for existing and especially new /e/ users

Very interesting ! makes me think about others important caracteristics
CPU / RAM / Internal Storage / TREBLE /

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Yes we can add more information on the screen. Will need to have some good source to refer for all this information.

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Perhaps I can suggest to crowdsource this information? We can make a category for /e/ devices on, for example.