Request for Moto g6 play "code name Jeter" boost mobile variant

Shipped with Android 8.0 currently running Android 9.0 and should also be getting Android 10 according to Motorola… I’m willing to work my hand at attempting to build e/ os for my unsupported device using source code since as far as I am aware of at the time the Moto g6 play doesn’t have a official lineageos rom build/gsi their is a unofficial lineageos gsi for it but Im new with building roms/gsi’s pretty much all around this is new to me and I’m not quite sure using a unofficial build is a good idea to work off of since I don’t know what works and what don’t with there build… Any help that I could be to get a official e/ os build for the Moto g6 play let me know and any help anyone could give me and or guide me towards building a unofficial build in the time being would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance


Hi everyone,
I’m interested in a googlefree Version for Motorola G6 Play (XT 1922-3; Pie 9)


I would like to request for Moto G6 XT1922-9



I’m also interested in this version.

I want to degoogle my Moto G6 Play too. Please make a version.

I’m lining up here.
I would like to degoogle my moto g(6) play, xt1922-2, still Android 9 (Pie) without any further updates.
Is there any hope? Is someone still working on this?

There is no LineageOS build - official or unofficial - for this device, so there won’t be an /e/OS build any time soon :frowning:


I’m also interested in a Moto G6 Play (jeter XT1922-3) /e/OS version.

Many thanks


There indeed is no official build, however I can provide a few unofficial builds for the “Moto G6 Play jeter XT1922-3” if needed :

  • LineageOS 17.1
  • LineageOS 18.1
  • And some other less known custom ROMS

Edit: I should probably add, that I do not build these ROMs, I can provide, myself.

I’m interested in this version too.

Hello to the Team.
I received a used Motorola G6 Play (XT1922-3 / Rev. P4) to replace my even older Samsung phone. But the stock operating system is so grotty and absolutely not designed for data protection that it makes me dread!
I don’t know if it makes a difference if I have the US version or the international version… I would love to have /e/OS for the international model (I think the code name is “aljeter”) so I can continue to use the phone.

I see that there are no alternative operating systems (privacy-friendly) for this at all at the moment. That is a pity.

Thank you!

Have a good time,