Request for Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 support

Just looking for something other than Google or Xiaomi and found /e/ so hoping for a good response as there is already the Mi Mix 2.

No official LineageOS support for it yet

Hi there, any chance to have /e/ happening on Mix3 ? I tried to install GSI but failed to bootloop and have no idea what could have been wrong.

Not officially supported by LineageOS, but repo is available at GitHub :

Hi, I have seen it yes, that is why I was asking if there were any chance to see any version of /e/ coming on that phone.

Here you are : [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (perseus)

Wow thank you. I have only a windows laptop which is not powerful enough to have big config on VMWare to make some trials so it means a lot that you spent time doing it. I hope it will work great :slight_smile:

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