Request support for Samsung Galaxy XCover pro

Please develop /e/OS for Samsung Galaxy XCover pro. This is the only modern smartphone with a replaceable battery that is water resistant at the same time.

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I support this request and I am willing to donate for making it available for /e OS. Any developer / maintainer out there who would work on this? How much donation would be necesarry?

I’m afraid yu’re out of luck.

/e/OS is built on LineageOS. If there isn’t a LineageOS build - official or unofficial - for a device, then there won’t be an /e/OS ROM. I can’t find any trace of a LineageOS build - or any other custom ROM - for this device, so I don’t think there is any chance of an /e/OS build.

You could try encouraging someone to build a LineageOS, but if anyone were interested, it would have been done - or at least be in progress - already.