Request to add support/unofficial build for A52s 5G

I would love to switch from LinOS to /e/ .
I see the old A52 4G is supported. Any plan to add the A52S 5g (SM-A528B or a52sxq)
Hoping I am not the only one with this phone :smiley:


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No, you are not the only one here! :raised_hand:

I would also like /e/OS to support the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (a52sqx).

There is already a LineageOS 20 development here:

Best regards

Interesantes noticias aquí:
La ROM desarrollada por Simon está casi lista para ser declarada oficial. Incluso ya viene con SELinux habilitado ( Enforcing)
Aquí la noticia:
Por favor, que los desarrolladores de /e/OS no se olviden de nosotros.
Gracias y un saludo

Please, support Samsung A52s 5G (a52sqx).

TWRP Official: TWRP Galaxy A52s 5G

LineageOS Official: Lineage OS 20

e/OS/ … Comming soon?

And already
LineageOS for microG: LineageOS for microG a5sxq
Any news about /esOS?

Now also iodé for A52s.
Is /e/OS closer?

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also waiting for a52s release

I also have a samsung A52s 5G purchase from Rebuy and I am very interrested in switching from one ui to /e/os.
I only use linux, so no windows at home. So an easy graphical installer would be welcome too.

Failing that, a wiki article explaining the procedure with heimdall might suffice for me. I’m comfortable with the command line and I’ve already used adb to clean up bloatware, but I don’t feel like flashing an android rom and bricking my smartphone.

I made an unofficial build for /e/OS-T:

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There is the Easy Installer for Pixel 4a and 4a 5G with their cheap gorilla glass, a cost saving measure on Google part. So this phone is manufactured with defect but endorsed by the Easy Installer.
It could be replaced by this A52s.