Request to stop shipping outdated apps




I’ve looked at the thread asking for apps several times now, and I’ve already asked how the /e/ team would ensure timely updates of the apps they are shipping when that thread had just been created.

One of my apps, Quasseldroid/com.iskrembilen.quasseldroid is being shipped in your store, but is severely outdated. It’s missing many bugfixes and new features, and as I’ve gotten no response from @gael about how the /e/ team intends to ensure timely updates, and there hasn’t been any communication with app devs regarding how we could notify the /e/ team of app updates and ensure that they would ship, I am very disappointed.

Due to this, I have to request that you stop shipping this app, and stop including it in your list of provided apps, unless you can ensure timely updates. I usually release bugfixes daily, they’re released and published within of the hour on my F-Droid repo, website and Google Play, and even on the official F-Droid repo builds are available within of one day.

The version you are shipping is 27 versions and several hundred bugfixes out of date, and I am worried that unless you can guarantee timely updates in the future, this will leave a bad impression with users.

I know the store isn’t really launched yet, but considering we’ve gotten no communication about this whatsoever, and you’ve ignored all requests, I’m worried.

Unless you can guarantee somewhat timely updates (<48 delay after publishing a new version), and can present a solution for how we app developers can ensure this, I’ll have to ask you to remove my apps and to instead point users at the F-Droid version.

I’d love to work together with you on this, but I don’t want users to end up with significantly outdated versions that make a bad impression or maybe even contain security issues.


Hi, thank you for your message.
At the moment, we do not ship any version actually, because this service has not been unveiled yet, and a lot of work still needs to be done.
We will have a look at this case once we can dedicate some time to spend on this, and before any official release.