Requested Device - Xiaomi Mi 9

Just taken ownerhip of a Mi 9, the Mi 8 is supported, but not sure if this will work on the 9.


Hi @Hobojoe720 as you may be aware the build for Mi8 will not work for the Mi9. The Mi9 would need to be on the supported list. Since you have already put in a request you are half way there. Now the way the system works is the more the user requests the better the chances of the device getting on the supported list.

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I am also interested in “e” for Xiaomi MI 9. It is such a nice device and also need a nice and privacy friendly OS. :smiley:

I’d also like to request a version for this device. :wave:

Hi :wave:,

Also interested too for Mi 9 support, plz :slight_smile:

Any idea of support status ?

Thanks a lot.


Also interested :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I am very interested in /e/ for the Xiaomi Mi 9.
I would also be willing to pay a symbolic donation to the Foundation or to those who personally took care of this device.

Thank you!

+1 Xiaomi mi9. Thanks

Is anyone aware of anyone taking care of the Xiaomi Mi 9?

I am interested too.
How about to install: ?

I’m also very interested


I am also interrested to have support on Mi9

Sign me up! I want /e/ for xiaomi mi 9 to.

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Hey there, I tried using it on my old Redmi 4X and I liked that a lot over stock experience.
Now that would be great if you could bring it to Mi 9 as well.

I would like this for Mi 9 too, I have lineage running atm

I’m interested.

Thanks for your job

A new Q-build for Xiaomi Mi9 (cepheus)
make a back-up first, because this is an untested build. Please share your experience.