Requesting /e/ OS for Nokia 2.3 - TA-1209

Please build /e/ OS for Nokia 2.3 and other Nokia phones as well.

Nokia 2.3 comes with Andriod 9 (Android One) and it has support till Android 11.

I haven’t tried with any other ROM as I didn’t got any other OS that is build for the device.

It comes with 3 year OS upgrade support as part of Andriod One.

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According to this reddit post

There’s no forum for the Nokia 2.3 on xda because there’s currently no way to unlock the bootloader of the Nokia 2.3 and it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

You cannot flash any roms if you cannot unlock the bootloader on any device - it’s impossible.


So /e/ OS can’t be built for this device - because it is based on Lineage OS, and there is no Lineage OS (or any other custom ROM) for this device.

And if it could be built, it cannot be installed without unlocking the bootloader, which is apparently not possible. So, sadly, you won’t be seeing /e/ OS on this device any time soon, if ever. Sorry!

Here is video showing OTSmart being used to unlock bootloader.
I have never contributed, so I don’t expect anything for free - but if I purchase this software and post picture of successful bootloader unlock would it interest someone to build a rom for this model?

So if the bootloader can now be unlocked, then it becomes feasible to make a custom ROM for this device, but that is only the first step.

/e/OS is built on LineageOS, so it would be possible to build an /e/OS ROM if a LineageOS ROM existed. I believe that LineageOS builds on AOSP. At the moment, as far as I can tell there is no AOSP or LineageOS build, and I don’t know if anyone is planning to start trying to make one. So an /e/OS ROM is still not feasible.

To get any custom ROM for this device, someone would need to be motivated, and prepared to spend a lot of time and effort (with no guarantee of success) to making first an AOSP ROM. If / when that is done, then a LineageOS ROM would be possible (assuming someone is prepared to spend a lot of time etc…). Only after that would building an /e/ROM be feasible.

To give some idea of what is involved just in building and AOSP ROM see this web page

Note the first warning

It should be noted that this is a massive undertaking – if you have zero experience in coding or fooling around in Linux terminals, you may want to get some knowledge under your belt before diving into this deep-end.

If you get over that, another big obstacle will be getting hold of all the proprietary binaries needed to make the device-specific hardware work. This device isn’t currently on Nokia’s list of open source phones, so there’s no help there.

I am sorry to be negative about this: I’m sure this is a great device, but I’m not sure this is the right place to look for people prepared to put in the needed work to make a custom ROM. Most people here are interested in getting e/OS/ working on devices which already have custom ROMs built.Your best bet may be to contact whoever made the video you posted. If they are interested in unlocking the bootloader they may be interested in taking the next steps.

Good luck!

That’s fine, puts things into perspective. Linux, terminals & shell scripts, no prob.
Nokia have lots of bluetooth issues never fixed on many models and investigating took me to it seems as though “everything is stock android”. Therefore I wonder if the drivers are open source already.
If that’s the case I could look at similar hardware spec Nokia’s model roms.
Ok so I sound simplistic like and a noob but hey I gotta start somewhere…

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Found this to unlock Nokia 2.3 bootloader, worked a charm.

There is also a link to a generic type Lineage OS build that I will use to get started.

Never know might end up working for e/os too.

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Good luck, and have fun!

Really unlikely on Mediatek-based devices, btw you can try GSI:

Hey, I know this post is kinda old but did it work for you?


I was shown a method of getting it to launch in fastboot from Ubuntu ( I’ve asked the guy who pointed me to that but he cannot remember he said the thinks found it in XDA-Developers ).

I couldn’t however find a TWRP that I could successfully flash with.

Isn’t the GSI flashable from fastboot? Still, not having TWRP is pretty bad

Sorry to bother you again but I’m really interested on flashing a custom ROM on this phone heh, did it work with that LineageOS GSI?