Requesting Samsung Galaxy A8

I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy A8 for three years now and I love it.
Unfortunately, Android updates have taken up my whole memory of 32 GB. It is so laggy and barely usable now. I’ve decided to switch to e OS but I didn’t found it in supported devices. I hope you will soon release e OS build for this phone too.

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Yes please! +1 in the line!

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Against the obsolescence of my phone, please take an interest in the galaxy A8

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As always, start @ XDA to seek for a LOS-based custom builds:

Than post them here to facilitate \e\ builders.

Of course you can also ask XDA builders to help.

Hi there,

I’m using an A8 as well and I managed to install the latest /e/OS on it. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the WiFi and connection to internet and even worse, there are random reboots. I suppose that the vendor has to be updated but it was already difficult to find an image on the web since most of the downloads aren’t available anymore.
Does anybody have an idea how to get around this?
Thanks a lot

Hi @Bugatti welcome to the /e/ forum.

Please can you clarify which /e/ ROM you managed to flash.

Are you able to confirm the devicecode of your device?

Thanks @aibd, I’m glad to get this fast answer!

I flashed the following OS : /e/OS 1.0-20220528189323 (1.0-q-20220528189323-dev-treble_arm64_avN) and I can read out the device ID (=devicecode?) using the app but my phone is «unknown» under settings/about phone.
Does this answer to your question ?

Thanks again for your help!

Thanks @Bugatti, it is always nice to know the devicecode for devices in the #e-devices:request-a-device section.

With a GSI, a generic ROM, the devicecode is not really significant to the performance of the ROM.

I am sorry, that the less good news is that /e/ does not ‘mainline’ its endeavours towards GSI.

Your request for help might get more attention in its own #gsi tagged thread (idk).

Some of those individuals more interested in GSI might now be found online associated with LeOS.

Thanks @aidb,
So the issue could be anything but linked to the os ? And since there are only a few A8 users it won’t be solved?

Hi @Bugatti, I do not think that is the full conclusion :slight_smile:

This is a #e-devices:request-a-device thread. I am sure your request will be noted.

I gave 2 additional suggestions for GSI support on your device.

The thing is that /e/ is considerably device specific; while a generic ROM is very different, it aims to work “best possible” on all devices. With work, GSI images will get better in time; (maybe) GSI might actually be the way to go for some devices – but this has not so far been /e/ workflow.

/e/ does however pick up GSI updates where these appear upstream. Thus /e/ will lag development. If you find ways to help improve GSI these will hopefully, eventually get adopted into /e/.

I hope you will follow up my suggestions.

Good luck :sunny:

Hi @aibd,
Thanks fot spending time helping me out!
I would like to help on the topic but I’m a bit lost and will have to learn… If you have any input how start?
But I will continue reading the /e/ threads and leanr:smiley:
Thanks againe

I would also be very interested in installing /e/OS on a Galaxy A8