Requesting Sony Xperia 5 ii

sony xperia 5 ii needs to be on the support list.

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If you find a custom recovery for it and when have unlocked the bootloader, yiu can use one of the available GSI in the GSI section

Would be really nice to have a build for this device, but it looks that only unofficial build of lineage os is available.
I may want to build myself but as of now I have almost no knowledge on how to😟

And unfortunately, that ROM is now discontinued and the developer has got rid of his device and vendor repos (though the kernel repo is still there). So building /e/OS for this device would be a bit more of a challenge than usual: not impossible, but probably needs to be done by someone with access to a device

Hi petefoth, yes you are right… Then the first step is probably to build successfully Lineage os. (now have no idea but will see)
I switched from xz1 compact to 5 ii so I have the device.

I posted this in another thread, which you may find useful

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Thank you! Will have a look and try.

Finally started to try building Lineage for it (before trying e).
The build finished without error but stuck on boot animation.
Now need to learm more how to troubleshoot it!


So retried a build and success!
Built with the tree available in ShionKagurazaka’s repository and using a prebuillt kernel.
So far I just assemble some puzzle and need to learn much more… but at least that is a first step?

Now I will try similarly for e os.

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So, the build for e os succeed!
I am now testing it myself as of now no major issue found.
I will have to check if there are any rules before sharing it.


Great stuff - well done.

There are no such rules about sharing unofficial builds. I suggest uploading to AndroidFileHost*, and making a post in the unofficial-builds category to publicise your build

* web uploads to AndroidFileHost can be very slow, but if you register as a Developer (which is what you are now :slight_smile: ), you can email and request ftp upload access, which is much quicker

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