Requesting Support For Samsung A20

I purchased 2 Sony Experia Z5 phones a year ago and installed /e/ on both of them. One phone functions ok, but the other is already about to die. These phones run Android 7.1.2 Nougat which has an issue with the screen going black sometimes after dialing a number and not turning back on until the call has ended. When this happens it makes retrieving voicemail messages impossible. The old style charging cord and port was very fragile. I replaced the original port and cord on the problem phone but they are already failing.

I plan on buying a Samsung A20 that’s equipped with Android 9.0 Pie which doesn’t have the black screen issue. It has a large 6.4" screen which is a help to those of us with less than perfect eyesight. Also, the new style charging port isn’t as fragile. IMHO this phone would be an excellent candidate for /e/ to support.

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