[Resolved] Complete erase of my device

I have just experienced a complete erase of my Fairphone 3 while update it to the latest version of /e/OS.
I think this erase came because I didn’t have enough space left on my device. I actually discovered that the old update of /e/OS were still stored and I had to delete then. We could maybe think of an automatic deleting in order to avoid this?

There was a general problem with the last update, see Issues with last OTA update

What other people reported you can see here: Fairphone 3 : Update

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Did the phone boot into a prompt where you could choose to do a factory reset and you chose to do the factory reset?
Or did the phone delete data without any user interaction?

I made the update too and it prompted me to wipe the full memory on boot because startup didn’t work. I use to delete every update images after installation, so it is not a memory issue but a major issue with the last update (as @Ingo_FP_Angel said).
Now I will be more careful doing backups before updates ^^

Ok, thanks for your replies.
I didn’t find the report about the last update so I assumed the porblem was on my side.
Actually, I had the prompt and I tried to backup my data (I didn’t have a lot of stuff), but when I unlock my device with fastboot, it boot again but without the Android data. All my files was not delete as I don’t think I synced them (not 100% sure).