Resonate: an ethical & privacy-friendly music streaming platform (beta!)

I recently discovered a new streaming platform, called Resonate.
It is still very beta, and their choice of music is rather limited, but there are quite some pro’s that I believe fit well with the /e/ community.

  • open-source
  • privacy-respecting
  • co-operative business model
  • interesting payment plan, for both listeners and musicians
  • fairer share for the musicians.

Even though I didn’t know any of the musicians, I am happily surprised with the music I heard on their platform. I have spent many hours listening so far, my guess it’s much cheaper than Spotify’s 10 euro per month, but this really depends on your listening behaviour, as you pay per play (for the first 9 times, after that you ‘own’ the song). They don’t have an app yet, but linking the website to the home screen works just as well; so far I have had a pretty smooth listening experience (after accepting their (limited) cookies, otherwise I was constantly logged out). Many functionalities are still in development, such as creating a playlist. If you are looking for Lady Gaga or your favourite band, then this platform won’t be much use to you, at least not at this moment. If you are looking for an ethical streaming platform, and happy to discover new music along the way, then please check it out. I think this project is very promising and I am curious to hear what you guys think.


It reminds me of Jamendo, a very old free music broadcaster.

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Thanks, :+1: I had never heard of it before but might sign up, I’ve been looking for an ethical alternative which pays the artists fairly and I like the cooperative model :fist:

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