Ressources to improve knowledge about Android and how phones work

Hi everyone,

Despite of trying to understand documentation about custom roms or android, i feel always disarmed with my phone because many times documentation made by developer are very inequal or are lacking of important details for beginners (so much questions, where to start, how to learn efficiently basics and more).

Between website giving few informations (mainly “marketing fact” about hardware and software) and inequal explanations available everywhere on the web, maybe 60-70% of my current knowledge about android are based on deductions more than informations written and well explained by good sources.

I am looking for books, website, and good ressources (even not free) to improve my knowledge about Android and how phones works (hardware, firmware, etc …)

Do you have some advices or any good sources ?

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I can relate to that, sadly nearly each phone requires a specific process, even though there are some similarities also.

Lineage provides great ressources in my opinion about every required steps to either flash or build for specific phones.

Check your phone model there to start maybe :
Then click on ‘installation’

If you havent already :
then click on your device and install instructions, it’s also a good howto with every steps.

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Thanks :slight_smile: if i found more ressources i will share in this topic gor the next days too

I don’t know much about Android itself but I would suggest to check the official training materials by Google. For technical books about anything computer science and programming I can recommend O’Reilly publishing, they are really good and are very easy to read and offer great advise. They published one book about Android on 2017 I think, based on Android Nougat, but should still be a great resource to learn.

If you prefer a follow along video course there are a few more options. Again Google made available a few courses about Android; “” is a popular channel for programming topics mostly and recently released a throughout course based on Android Oreo (Youtube link).

Not sure if you were looking for this type of material which is more focused towards developers but hopefully it’ll be helpful. Let us know what you came up with, it definitely will be helpful if someone else has the same doubt.


Thanks :wink:

Yes i’m interested about it because it give much informations about how android app interact with OS components :slight_smile: .

Hi, I always turn first to GSMarena or XDA to find out about phones… Then do web search on specific issue. XDA is very very useful!


Hi, this paper gives you a nice overview of how often Android has been forked in its history and what Goole has historically done to maintain control over its Open Source OS despite of the forks: Karhu et al (2018)-paper

I think it is an interesting read and important for the e-community to know as well.


Great guide!!
I’m not developer yet, but I plan to start with it (I’m learning Python). This guide/wiki seems very, very interesting to me.

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