Restore an old version of a file on ecloud?


I have now a new issue. I have modified a file stored on my ecloud by mistake and I’d like to restore the previous version of that file. I have seen on the nextcloud manual that there is a version control system but following the instruction, when i get to the details sidebar of the file, I can’t find the “versions” pannel. The only pannels I get are activities, comments, sharing and tchat. Does that mean that ecloud doesn’t support version control ??



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Where I have come across this, the version control is within the “word processing” app. In the case of OnlyOffice for instance version control is off by default, but can be turned on.

In my experience, you do not get to edit an old version of a document where version control was not turned on (on the cloud version of the document).

Thanks for the answer. I see the version control system in the word processing app of only office. But I was on working on a spreadsheet from libreoffice calc (on a directory sync with ecloud).
I am not an expert on cloud providers, but any system I have used was with version control system ! If ecloud doesn’t manage it, I just can’t use it anymore, it seems really unsecure to me.

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have a look at managed nextcloud
smallest version 100g storage, 10 users and version control
additional backup, not only raid backup function
hosted in germany
great and friendly support

what you are trying with calender, agenda, version control, everything is possible

Thanks, I think I will look for managed nextcloud hoster. But this one seems to be in german only, that’s gonna be an issue for me :slight_smile:

nextcloud can do user-surfaced file versioning, but it needs to be enabled and it doesn’t look like has it enabled. While I’m sure ecloud has backup, that’s admin backup and not accessible by the user.

Like others suggested, other managed nextcloud providers may have it, it’s a default app, you can ask prior: Version control — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation

It’s in the properties of a file in a “versions” tab: How to use the Version control in Nextcloud? – bTactic Open Source&Cloud Solutions

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I looked into the backlog - there was a request for the Versions nextcloud plugin prior at

mostly they’re unsure on the storage impact. This was a year ago. If they’re more confident on being able to accommondate it maybe it is reconsidered. Vote or ask there?


I don’t see why they need to be worried on that score, unless they’re selling storage space that they haven’t yet put online. The Nextcloud documentation makes it clear that space used for old versions is included in the storage plan (or user’s quota).
Frankly I’m a bit disappointed to not see Version control made available yet. For me it’s a pretty major function of the cloud services I’m looking for. I’m going to drop them a line and will post back here.

Good decisions take their time: 2 years … 3 years … 4 years? As the above linked issue in the backlog.

I just want to say that I completely second this feature request. Please add in file history. It is a basic requirement in 2024 and yes I would be fine with the extra data being taken from my quota.

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