Restore data/apk after upgrade to pie santoni

Hi all
Would like to know if, after upgrade, I could be able to get back my data simply by restore data with recovery?
For exemple, I got my OTP apps and several OTP code. I don’t want to be blocked by simple upgrade.
If you are confident… HELP.
Thanks a lot.
PS: Made a backup with recovery.

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If you make an upgrade from one Android version to next in most cases you will get forced closed after restoring data from TWRP.

I would prefer to make

  1. a full backup with TWRP
  2. a dirty upgrade (no data wipe, only davlik and cache).

If something went wrong, you would be able to restore your full backup

Thanks for your answer.
That means whatever you made a backup, you’ll never recover your data after an upgrade to major version?( to pie for example)

Yes, that’s right. But in new upcoming eOS version, you will have a backup / restore solution where you can restore your apps and data from a backup.
The problem is, that in /data is more than apks and app data. And google is change in major upgrades things which are also stored in /data. So the new version can’t use the ‘old’ setup and it will get FC’s or bootloops

I cannot resist to the upgrade… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Geek in mind…