Restore deleted photos / Access trash folder

I accidentally deleted recent photos from my phone without having a back-up. Is there a way to access the deleted photos and restore them? Is there a trash folder and if so, how can I access it?
Help is very much appreciated!
Thanks a lot in advance!

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if you added a sync Account you might have a chance with the trash folder there, Android really only started from 11 and more visibly in 12 to have a device trash folder.

Thanks for the answer. I did not add a sync account or any cloud saving connection… Unfortunately…

By the way, does anyone know if one of the many terminal emulator apps could get access to deleted data?

if you use ext4 on your userdata partition, after (fde) decryption, extundelete can recover if you didn’t have any writes since. For f2fs I currently know of no filesystem recovery tool, I think most devices are on f2fs for /data. Probed the mailing list for some terms, but “recovery” has other valid contexts and I get too much back - linux-f2fs / Mailing Lists / Search


I too have done the same mistake.
I deleted some note files. I thought there were somewhere Recycle bin. But i couldnt find it.
Any chance
I run 0.23 pie version.

Thanks in advance

how to use extundelete command. to where.


the given command extundelete doesnt work
"extybdekete"not found


most devices are on f2fs for /data

there’s no chance you can recover anything. extundelete does not apply for modern day android, I’m sorry

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Anyway thanks for the help