Restore lost phone data after a reset

I lost my phone data after a reset.
The rom installed is lineageos on a motorola g4 device.
Is there a way to restore the data with any backup?

You have lineage installed and ask in eOS forum :thinking:

If you have a backup you are able to restore, sure.
Without backup everything is lost.

I just installed an e/rom sure.
But It is to despair. I tried some ways like testdisc etc. But no success to restore.
It would be great, if there is a way.

As far as I know, there is an app wich can restore deleted pictures. But that’s all.
I don’t think that there is s chance to get data back, because your /data partition was overwriten with the new install.

Sorry, there is a bit misunderstood.
It refers to an other fon and it’s not over written by a new rom. Unintentionally it was resetted by a child (yes this can happen :-(.
And is there a reliable app (with root access too) …or a way with any linux distros, that can restore the data and pictures ect ?
Thx so much for your feedback.

Ok, than there us a lttle chance. Hope you will find here something working

Thank you for your feedback.

Hope you can restore a lot :+1::+1::+1: